The Cascadia CoPes Hub is made up of over 90 researchers, students, and postdoctoral students. Teams are led by several co-leads and are supported by a Coastal Community Lead, who is an affiliate of Washington or Oregon Sea Grant. Coastal community leads support their teams by making connecting our researchers with community members and regional partners.

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Team 1: Studying and modeling the geohazards associated with earthquakes, tsunamis, and landslides to better understand their impacts on infrastructure and coastal communities.
Team 2: Understanding and predicting risks to coastal communities due to flooding, erosion and ecosystem change, and evaluating natural and nature-based solutions.
Team 3: Increase adaptive capacity of coastal communities to prepare, respond, and recover from chronic and acute hazards.
Team 4: Increase the diversity of future coastal hazard researchers and practitioners.
Team 5: Support community engagement and co-production of coastal hazards science.

The organizational chart for the Hub can be viewed here.


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