The Cascadia CoPes Hub is dedicated to working with and engaging coastal communities to increase their adaptive capacity. The Hub is also creating a platform to share and learn knowledge in the coastal hazard space. To this end, there are several methods of engagement the Hub is conducting.

Seminars: The Cascadia CoPes Hub in partnership with the Cascadia CoPe RCN, holds joint seminar series on the first Thursday of every month from 9-10am Pacific Time.

Connecting with Regional Experts: Looking for coastal hazard research, science communication, or technical assistance support? The Hub is here to help through our Cascadia Community Engaged Research Clearinghouse.

Fellowship Opportunities: The Hub is dedicated to providing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) opportunities to students. The CHARTER Fellowship program offers training to undergraduate students.

Hub Partners

The Cascadia CoPes Hub has several partners that make this work possible. See our Partners.