Welcome to the Cascadia CoPes Hub – Helping Pacific Northwest coastal communities prepare and adapt to coastal hazards through research and community engagement.

The Cascadia Coastline and Peoples Hazards Research Hub, or Cascadia CoPes Hub, is a team of researchers funded by the National Science Foundation to increase knowledge about natural hazards and climate change risks coastal communities face and ways to increase their resilience. The Hub is working with communities in the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, and Northern California to increase their ability to mitigate and adapt to impacts from hazards like “The Really Big One”- a mega-earthquake, tsunamis, sea level rise, landslides, erosion, and climate change. 

The Cascadia CoPes Hub was formed to respond to a local, regional, and national need for improved coordinated coastal resilience in the face of these chronic and acute hazards (Ruckelshaus Center, 2017; Oregon Resilience Plan, 2013). The Hub’s long term goal is to improve coastal communities’ preparedness and the ability to bounce back after any setbacks from these events. 

The Hub is made up of 5 teams who are conducting research relevant to all of Cascadia. This includes research into how natural hazards are currently, and will progressively, affect communities, how local governments are organizing and preparing to respond to these hazards, and effective ways to support communities.

Hub projects are being developed with collaboratories and each Hub team has community leads who are focusing on helping coastal communities integrate new scientific advances into their planning. The Hub is also increasing the diversity of future coastal hazard researchers and practitioners and increasing information sharing between underrepresented communities. One of our programs, the Cascadia Coastal Hazards and Resilience Training, Education and Research, or CHARTER program, offers formal and informal training, education and hazards science research from middle school to graduate and postdoctoral levels. The CHARTER Fellows program provides a unique opportunity for students who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color); Latinx; LGBTQ; first generation; and/or low-income, in all academic disciplines to participate in hazards and resilience research.

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