Post Doctoral Coastal Community Liaisons:

Post-doctoral scholars with expertise in Hub research activities have dedicated time to provide direct support to communities.

Larry Lai:Field sedimentologist and stratigrapher

• Organizing outreach events on natural hazard risk for marginalized communities, including LGBTQ2S+ populations
• Data collection and analysis
• Strategic dissemination of research results

Rajasree Bharathan Radhamma: Coastal Modeler

• Researching coastal processes
• Numerical modeling
• Coastal hazard assessments and management
• Climate change impacts on nearshore processes
• Changing coastal morphology under various climate scenarios

Coastal Community Leads:

The Hub includes three coastal community leads. Our leads are scientists affiliated with Oregon and Washington Sea Grant, which are boundary organizations bridging the gap between the academic researchers and Cascadia coastal communities. Our leads can:

  • Provide information or data associated with specific needs or processes (site use decisions, design processes, planning processes, project proposals) 
  • Give presentations on specific topics or design and provide outreach materials
  • Provide consultation on specific topics, including identifying and helping to compile/access the best science and information
  • Assist with connections and introductions to Hub researchers
  • Connect communities with others who are working on similar projects for guidance/advice
  • Assist communities and Hub researchers to develop collaborative scopes of work that align with community needs/outcomes, Hub capacity, and next steps

A few specific examples of possible Sea Grant support include:  

Organize tsunami evacuation walks

Last June, the Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) organized an evacuation drill to the Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building (GVMSB) rooftop. This was an opportunity to evaluate how long it took people, at HMSC and living on the South Beach peninsula, to get out of their building, confirm the route to HMSC’s newest evacuation site, and reassess their personal evacuation plans. Participants got to check out the rooftop community disaster cache and win some items to expand or start their own personal to-go bag.

Presentations on coastal hazards

Washington Sea Grant staff offer customizable presentations on a variety of coastal hazards to audiences and groups. These state-of-the-science presentations can cover general hazards education, but can also provide in-depth technical discussions specific to a particular location.

Draft case studies for the Oregon Coastal Hazards Ready (OCHR) Library & Mapper

Although mitigation, adaptation, and preparedness projects are conducted along the Oregon Coast, information, strategies, and lessons learned are not always effectively shared between stakeholders. Thus, Oregon Sea Grant developed the Oregon Coastal Hazards Ready (OCHR) Library & Mapper to further inform the public and support community resilience. The OCHR Mapper is an ArcGIS StoryMap that displays 39 coastal hazards preparedness case studies. This tool is designed to assist individuals, communities, and tribal and local governments as they identify approaches to prepare for acute and chronic coastal hazards. The OCHR Mapper aims to promote and share lessons learned and research efforts done to reduce coastal hazards risks and build resilience in Oregon. 

Studios :

The Hub has a community co-production studio model to advance coastal hazard research and planning.  A studio may be carried out through a few different mechanisms, including faculty-guided graduate studios in planning or faculty-guided graduate student consulting labs in public policy.  Studios will be guided by your community interests and can include activities such as survey assessments of community adaptive capacity, user-centered design of hazards communication products, and evaluation of hazards-related communications and messages in the Pacific Northwest. Below are a few examples of results from studios. Depending on the need you express, you may be supported through a studio.