The Cascadia CoPes Hub organized a science communication workshop held on July 21, 2023, centered around the topics of risk, uncertainty, and science communication in relation to natural hazards. Hosted at the University of Washington, this in-person event brought together experts to delve into the complexities of communicating scientific information about potential coastal hazards. The workshop featured a lineup of prominent speakers, including visiting scholars from New Zealand, who added a global perspective to the discussions.
The presentations and discussions primarily aligned with theme 2 of the Cascadia CoPes Hub’s work, which revolves around the crucial aspects of science, risk communication, and decision support. The speakers shared insights and strategies for effectively conveying information about hazards and uncertainties to the public, policymakers, and stakeholders. Attendees gained valuable insights into the challenges of conveying complex scientific concepts, especially in the context of natural disasters. By focusing on theme 2, the workshop underscored the pivotal role that clear and accurate communication plays in enabling informed decision-making and mitigating the impact of natural hazards. Overall, the event provided a platform for fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among professionals striving to enhance the communication of scientific information related to risks and uncertainties associated with natural hazards. Speaker presentations can be viewed and downloaded here.